About Volunder Holsters:

Volunder Holsters is a small business in West Linn, Oregon, which is located outside Portland, Oregon. We have been making holsters since 2014, but we officially launched in 2016. At Volunder Holsters, we believe in making quality holsters over quantity.  

The owner is Robert Patelzick. He started making holsters for personal use, as well as for family and friends in 2013. Robert attended a local community college studying history and zoology, but decided to turn his life long interest in firearms into a business.  He has spent a considerable amount of time trying to perfect his holsters before offering them to the public for sale. 

Volunder Holsters takes pride in the workmanship of their products..


The CNC project began in the summer of 2015. As a small shop we saw the benefits of having a CNC machine, but didn't have the means to afford one of the higher end machines. We found a USA company that sells do it yourself CNC machines, so we decided to take that route.

The project became a very large undertaking. The machine was completed in November of 2015. Technical difficulties were not completely ironed out until February of 2016.

The machine has been running great since, and we are very happy with the results. It is still an ongoing learning process.