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Garm Holsters with Claw AIWB/IWB

Garm with Claw: M&P Shield 9/40 Model Holsters

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The Garm holster is inspired by the guard dog Garm of Norse Mythology.

**Modeled after the M&P Shield 1.0 9/40 may not fit the New M&P Shield 2.0**

*The Garm holster design has been updated. All Garm holsters are now pressed with Volunder Holsters vacuum boards* 

*All Garm Holsters have the RCS hole configuration.*

The Garm is a basic single sided IWB/AIWB Holster with customizing options. The Kydex wraps around the top of the slide while partially covering the sight, (**Please contact us by email if you would like an RMR cut for the M&P Shield 9/40), and is made from .080 kydex. Customizing options include: Body shield cut, and right or left hand configuration. Open ended to allow for threaded barrels. 

*Left Hand models are currently unavailable*

Body Shield Cut:
Right Handed:
IWB Clip Size:
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Garm with Claw M&P shield split pic webpage.jpg
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