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Orthrus Holsters AIWB/IWB

Orthrus 3.0: Glock Model 17/22, 19/23, 26/27 Holsters (Gen 5 Compatible)

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The Orthrus holster was inspired from the two headed guard dog of Greek Mythology.

*Add to cart and a small form will pop up asking if you want the IWB strut attached for Right or Left hand use.*

**UPDATED: The New Updated Orthrus 3.0 Holster features a minimalist body shield cut, and is configured for an IWB/AIWB Strut attachment. All Orthrus holsters are now pressed with Volunder Holsters vacuum boards.**

***Orthrus 3.0 will fit Glock 17/22, 19/23, and the 26/27, as well as the Glock Gen 5 Models (17, 19, 26).***

The Orthrus is a versatile holster made from .08 inch kydex and is an ambidextrous IWB/AIWB style that can be worn as an AIWB or strong side IWB. The holster will ship with a zero cant. The strut can be adjusted to allow for a slight cant, based on the users preference.  


(1.75 in IWB Strut out of stock) Any questions please email us.

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Orthrus 3 Glock model holsters v1.jpg