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Orthrus Holsters AIWB/IWB

Orthrus 3.0: M&P 3.5 9/40 Model Holsters

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The Orthrus holster was inspired from the two headed guard dog of Greek Mythology.

**Does not fit the New M&P M2.0 Model**

**UPDATED: The New Updated Orthrus 3.0 Holster features a minimalist body shield cut, and is configured for an IWB/AIWB Strut attachment. All Orthrus holsters are now pressed with Volunder Holsters vacuum boards.**

The Orthrus is a versatile holster made from .08 inch kydex and is an ambidextrous IWB/AIWB style that can be worn as an AIWB or strong side IWB. The holster will ship with a zero cant. The strut can be adjusted to allow for a slight cant, based on the users preference.  

The Claw system is available for Right or Left handed users. We will configure the holster attachments, based on the selection of the right or left hand options.  

Kydex Color Options: Black, Dark Grey, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Tiffany Blue, Blood Red, Chocolate Brown, Black Carbon Fiber, and Blood Red Carbon Fiber. 

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M&P Compact pic of full size pistol Orthrus Holster.jpg