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Special Color Garm Holsters

Blood Red & Chocolate Brown Garm Holsters: M&P 4.25 9/40


The Garm holster is inspired by the guard dog Garm of Norse Mythology.

*The Garm holster design has been updated. All Garm holsters are now pressed with Volunder Holsters vacuum boards* 

*All Garm Holsters have the RCS hole configuration.*

**May Not Fit the New M&P M2.0 Model**

The Garm is a basic single sided IWB/AIWB Holster with customizing options. Uses an IWB attachment clip just like the Orthrus holster. The RMR cut comes standard with all of the Garm holsters, and is made from .080 kydex. Customizing options include: Body shield cut, and right or left hand configuration. Open ended to allow for threaded barrels. 

Color Options: Blood Red, and Chocolate Brown

**All Holsters are made to order, ships within two to four weeks (2 to 4 weeks)**

Body Shield:
Right or Left Hand:
IWB Clip Size:
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Garm M&P 4.25 split pic for webpage v1.jpg